Right click on iPod, select "save as," and pick a location.  Then open iTunes and go to File - "Add file to library," browse to the downloaded movie file and double-click on it. The movie is now in your iTunes library and can be transferred to your  iPod by using the Sync command.  Low resolution  is 320 x 240; high resolution is 640 x 480.

Hubble Space Telescope Movies

    Mars rotation     757 kb  mpg                    iPod  Low Resolution        iPod High Resolution    

    M-16 gas pillars     764 kb  mpg               iPod Low Resolution          iPod High Resolution

    Neptune rotating     480 kb  mpg              iPod Low Resolution          iPod High Resolution

    Orion nebula region     635 kb  mpg       iPod Low Resolution         iPod High Resolution  

    Saturn storm     182 kb   mpg                       iPod Low Resolution         iPod High Resolution

    Titan atmosphere     117 kb  mpg              iPod Low Resolution         iPod High Resolution

    Zooming in on galaxies 1.9 mb  mpg       iPod Low Resolution        iPod High Resolution



Solar System Movies - Compliments Of NASA

    Halley's comet nucleus - Giotto     35 kb   mpg    

    Io rotation - Voyager     242 kb  mpg   

    Jupiter rotating - Voyager     4 mb  avi    

    Moon rotation - Clementine     261 kb  mpg     

    Peakskill fireball      973 kb  mpg     

    Phobos - Voyager     68 kb  mpg     

    Solar eclipse of 10/24/96 in X-rays - YOHKOH    

        173 kb  mpg     

    Sun rotating in ionized Fe light - SOHO/EIT   330 kb mpg    

    Sun mass ejection - SOHO/LASCO    223 kb  mpg     

    Sun with comet and plasma jets - SOHO     760 kb   mpg       

    Sun rotating viewed in X-rays - YOHKOH     930 kb   mpg     

    Sunspots comparison visible light vs X-ray - YOHKOH     

        220 kb  mpg      iPod Low Resolution        iPod High Resolution

    Venus rotating viewed by radar - Magellan     296 kb  mpg      



    Wheelie on Yogi     1.1 mb  animated GIF 

    Apxis (spectrometer) to Yogi     1.4 mb   animated GIF 

    APXIS testing soil     1.1 mb  animated GIF  

    Across Mermaid Dune     830 kb  animated GIF  

      Going over a rock    1.8mb animated GIF




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