May 26 to 30- RTMC Astronomy Expo at Camp Oakes, 5 miles southeast of Big Bear City, Ca. The primary reason for attending is to rub shoulders with a large number of people who know telescopes and like to talk about them. You can see and look through a large variety of telescopes (with relatively dark skies and high altitude), attend talks by professional and amateur astronomers on different aspects of telescope construction and use, see some astronomical equipment and software in use, and buy astronomical equipment and software (often at reduced prices). The vendors contribute door prizes for Saturday and Sunday evenings. We don't know exactly what prizes there will be in advance, but in the past there have been telescopes of 8 to 12 inches in aperture.


October 27 - 30 - Nightfall Star Party and Imaging Conference in Anza Borrego, a dark sky site, as proclaimed by the International Dark Sky Association.   Nightly star parties accompanied by workshops are the hallmark of this event.  Hotel rooms and RV/tent sites are available for atendees.




















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